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Sleek new East Austin contemporary asks $1.1M

Million-dollar listing in Chestnut

It might not be a record for the neighborhood, and there are a number of residential listings for more than $1 million on the Eastside in general. Still, the price of this admittedly beautiful new home it seems like some kind of milestone for Chestnut in particular.

On the other hand, the street-facing, 2,300-square-foot home distinguishes itself in a number of other ways. Designed and built by local firm Minguell-McQuary, it is that firm’s move to meet demands of increased urban density while maintaining a notable sense of design.

The home shares its site with two other houses and is meant as a series of structures that transition from public to private. Instead of front and back yards, the compact homes share a private garden and, to varying extents, interact with busy East 12th Street.

The house has three bedrooms and two and half bathrooms and features a layout designed to maximize ventilation, along with what the listing calls an “ultra-efficient” HVAC system.

The “floating glass” living room stands out and interacts nicely with the street in front

The home features natural lighting, as well as polished concrete and white oak floors, throughout.

There are also custom steel features inside and out, including planters, terraced landscaping, a sculptural fence, a master bedroom suite bench, open shelving, and a bar beverage slot.

The kitchen includes Viking appliances and a breakfast bar with a nifty countertop space for keeping drinks iced and cool.

2700 East 12th Street [Danielle Becker, Maxavenue]