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The 10 most affordable homes for sale in Tarrytown

All things being relative

2405 Tower Drive
Via Realty Austin

If you’re looking for affordable housing in Austin, Tarrytown is probably not the first place you’ll want to go. There’s a good reason for that: Although one or two parts of town might be more expensive, the central-city neighborhood’s home-buying costs are definitely up there.

Bounded by either Enfield Boulevard or Lake Austin Boulevard on the south (depending on whom you ask), West 38th Street on the north, Lake Austin on the west, and Mo-Pac on the east, the neighborhood holds its own as an monied central-city enclave dating back to 1915.

Nevertheless, even the toniest neighborhoods have their reasonable-for-the-area home prices. In the case of Tarrytown, its 10 most affordable properties for sale right now—according to a study put together for us by real-estate data analytics site NeighborhoodX— range from $574,000-979,000.

What does those prices get buyers? At the lower end of that range is a three-bedroom condo (3200 Maywood Avenue, Unit B). At the upper end is a single-family home at 2405 Tower Drive.

The properties range in size from 1,176 square feet to 2,900 square feet (not particularly massive for pricey homes). On a per-square-foot basis , that’s between between $252 per square foot and $509 per square foot. The overall price range for the neighborhood by that measure is $233 per square foot to 911 per square foot. Readers can click around on the chart above to link to individual properties and compare stats.