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What do you call this neighborhood?

And what do you think it costs to buy there right now?

Updated Craftsman painted sage with red door
707 Norwalk Lane
Via Coldwell Banker

If you want to rile up a certain kind of Austinite, all you have to do is take some liberties in defining the boundaries and name of their neighborhood. That’s why we approach this particular installment of our ongoing series with the data crunchers at NeighborhoodX, wherein we take a close look at neighborhood prices by square foot, with a small amount of trepidation.

Many call the neighborhood in question Westfield—that would be an area with the borders of Enfield Road to the north, Mo-Pac to the east, and the river/Lake Austin to both the south and the west, as that body curves slightly northward.

Others know the part of that area between Mo-Pac and Exposition Boulevard and stopping short at Lake Austin Boulevard as Deep Eddy. And some think of it as south Tarrytown or just include in in Tarrytown without the geographic modifier. In city neighborhood planning group terms, it’s all part of Central West Austin.

Whatever the case, it’s a beloved central area with some of Austin’s most iconic outdoor spots and restaurants, and home costs reflect its cultural and natural value.

The current average asking price in the neighborhood is $369 per square foot. However, the individual properties that make up this average range from $287 per square foot (1309 Norwalk Lane, a four-unit multifamily property, so a little out of the range of our usual residential market prices, asking $1.2 million) to $566 per square foot (1309 Elton Lane, a six-bedroom single-family home asking $3.5 million).