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Own an Art Nouveau condo that’s actually nouveau for $775K

New build shoots for historic style

three arched balconies on second floor of stucco building, aqua ceilings, curvy gold railings
208 East Live Oak Street
Via Realty Austin

This still under-construction condo complex stands out from other real-estate listings because: 1) it’s not a big white box, 2) it’s not a big glass box, and 3) it doesn’t seem to involve limestone or Corten (that rusted steel material one sees a lot of around here).

Instead, for whatever reason, it’s designed in Art Nouveau style (or at least inspired by it), an early 20th century reaction against the strict, classical styles of the late 19th century with nature-inspired forms and shapes (including curves and undulating lines).

Whatever one thinks of the end result in this case, it is certainly different from (or perhaps a reaction to, as with its inspiration) most of the current condo architecture we see around here—on the outside, at least: all archways, curvy lines, and enormous, round windows. Still, it seems to work with the adjacent, rectilinear multifamily building and surrounding homes in its Travis Heights neighborhood.

Inside, things are more toned down, although the two- and three-bedroom units (which range from 1,985 to 2,162 square feet) are polished and airy-looking, with 12- to 14-foot ceilings, wood and tile floors, and French doors leading to those ornate balconies and terraces.

The first floor is designed to be a flexible, live/work space with a full bathroom and closet, while upstairs is the more traditional bed/bath combo.

206 East Live Oak Street [Realty Austin]