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‘Fixer Upper’ house’s troubles continue

Car crashes into home featured on HGTV show

Blue and white sort-of Craftsman-bungalow with metal roof
The “Three Little Pigs” before the crash
Via Magnolia

A Waco, Texas, home featured on HGTV’s Fixer Upper that has already fueled neighbor’s complaints has suffered another indignity, according to a Monday Austin-American Statesman report. On Saturday morning, a man suspected of drunken driving crashed through the house, the local daily reported via the Waco Tribune-Herald.

The Statesman story relayed that the owners of the house were not injured, and that the driver was taken to jail after a visit to the hospital to treat minor injuries.

According to the Tribune-Herald, Saturday’s crash is just the latest incident in a “year of frustration for its owners,” who told the paper that they have been complaining about crime in the neighborhood for more than a year, to no avail, and that it was not the first time a driver had failed to stop at the intersection in front of their house.

The home was featured on Season 3, Episode 12, of HGTV’s Fixer Upper and was nicknamed “Three Little Pigs” house on the show. The owners told the Waco paper that, in addition to “commotion” coming from bars and a store across the street from their house, they had been harassed by neighbors angry about the Fixer Upper episode and who blamed them for increased property taxes in the area. Co-owner Kelly Downs called it a “Fixer-Upper gone bad.”

The Waco paper also reported that a brick fireplace relocated during the televised renovation was probably what stopped the car. Downs said that the bedroom where the owners were sleeping would have been the next room hit, according to the Tribune-Herald.

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