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Cozy Pemberton ‘cottage’ asks $1.2M

Remodeled 1935 home looks quite lovey as well as roomy

small 194=35 stone and brick home
1503 Westover Road
Via Gottesman Residential Real Estate (all photos)

This sweet little home in Old West Austin’s Pemberton area seems to undersell itself. The listing, for example, calls it a cottage, though at 2,689 square feet, it’s the size of many large family homes. Granted, it’s not rendered in the overblown proportions of some of its neighbors. Having been built in 1935, it reflects the modesty of it era of origin as well as the practical luxury that has come to characterize more and more overblown homes as options for wealthy buyers do nothing but multiply.

Since location is half the battle when it comes to home-searching, though, the 2,689-square-foot-home does the perfect job of appealing to local families who want to live central, but outside entertainment districts, and those who seek some luxuries to balance their practicality.

With four bedrooms and three bathrooms, it offers plenty of space for a family to grow as well as space for celebration in marking milestones.

1503 Westover Road [Gottesman Residential Real Estate]