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Arty vintage East Austin home asks $365K

All the beadboard and mosaics you can handle

Two-story salmon-colored house with blue trim
2312 East Ninth Street
Via Estately

House-hunters, house oglers, old-school Austinites, and various others have been known to complain about the cookie-cutter quality of much of what’s on offer these days. New builds and remodels alike often take the form of neutral-toned and nearly identical contemporary design—advisable for sellers but not always the most thrilling things to peruse.

Well. If nothing else, this house counters those trends on almost every front. Built in 1920, it’s a two-story structure on a hilltop in the central east Rosewood neighborhood. Painted decidedly non-neutral colors, it’s surrounded by the kind of mature foliage traditional for its historic neighborhood (palms, cascading honeysuckle or Carolina jessamine).

Meanwhile, the interior is almost uninterrupted woodwork: floors, walls, cabinets and ceilings feature a variety of beadboard, shiplap, and tongue-in-groove manfiestations, with breaks for tile mosaics, glass brick, and granite and marble countertops.

The home, which measures 899 square feet and has two bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as, needless to say, loads of character.

The home features one bedroom and one loft-style sleeping space.

2312 East Ninth Street [Tiffany Russell, Access Realty]