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Tarrytown midcentury with tropical twist asks $1.25M

Are those palm trees growing on the roof? Yes and no.

This ranch-style home in Tarrytown was built in 1960 and has a layout and features that appeal in a midcentury vein. We especially like curved driveway and that the carport, while technically in front of the house, is pushed off to the side and hidden by vegetation rather than just plopped in front somewhere—it looks like a purposeful and natural element of the design.

Despite the basic lines, and the fact that the roof has been modified to allow palm trees to grow far above the roofline, which seems very 1960s, the home’s staging leans toward traditional/comfortable.

Don’t let that fool you, though: The well-maintained (according to the listing) house has several hallmark features from its era (although we don’t know if they are original): exposed beams and wooden ceilings, parquet and Saltillo tile floors, and lots of built-ins.

Measuring 2,216 square feet, the house has four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.

The house has a typical layout for its time, with kitchen and living area on one end and a hallway leading to bedrooms and bathrooms on the the other.

Generously sized windows and a covered outdoor living area look out over the large yard, patio, and big live oak.

3410 Taylors Drive [Gottesman Residential Real Estate]