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The cost of buying a home in Central East Austin

Prices continue to rise in transformed historic neighborhood

Contemporary living room with colorful paintings on wall
1193-1/2 San Bernard Street, Unit B
Via Realtor

What does it cost to buy a home in Central East Austin right now?

In an ongoing series with Curbed Austin, real-estate analytics site NeighborhoodX takes a close look at the range of sales asking prices in the area, ranked by cost per square foot, to find out.

As the city defines it for planning purposes, Central East Austin comprises several smaller neighborhoods; it's bounded by I-35 on the west, Chicon Street/Northwestern Avenue on the east, East Seventh Street on the south, and the East Martin Luther King Boulevard on the the north.

The properties also reflect the different housing stock of a neighborhood undergoing significant transition—a mix of cottages and a larger, century-old homes, along with new townhouse and condo development.

The current average asking price in the neighborhood is $351 per square foot. When looked at by square foot, however, the range of prices that go into that average show a broader perspective. The individual properties that make up the average range from $261 per square foot (1202 East Eighth Street, which looks like a 900-square-foot single family home that might or might not become a freestanding condo sharing a lot with a second unit) to 610 per square foot (1193-1/2 San Bernard Street, Unit B, a newer build that shares a lot with a smaller, remodeled 1920s home.

The analysis examines market-rate properties, so it excludes foreclosures and short sales, as well as properties primarily positioned as development sites (where the value is in the land rather than in any existing structures).

As always, readers can mouse over the bars on the NeighborhoodX chart above for additional analytics, and the addresses link to the property listings.