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Stunning new Bouldin Creek contemporary asks $2.1M

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Alterstudio hits another one out of the park in South Austin

The South Austin hits keep coming. This contemporary beauty was designed by Austin’s always-impressive Alterstudio, in conjunction with Anne Suttles and Sam Shah.

The home’s location in Bouldin Creek, a few blocks from what is arguably the highest concentration of great restaurants and entertainment options on South Lamar Boulevard, would normally be something to get pretty pumped about. But in this case, it’s almost a minor consideration, as the home is gorgeous and utterly unique.

The inventive use of materials—starting with a custom wall/fence of welded steel and crushed limestone that only hints at the discoveries behind it—and thoughtful placement on the site make the home beautiful in a way that unfolds slowly and offers layers of discovery.

Behind the gated front, for instance, one finds a lovely, shaded patio with views through the home’s glass walls and to the greenery on the other side. The 3,209-square-foot, two-story home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, where the designers have used glass, steel, stucco, and wood in a way that makes the home both remarkable and delightfully livable.

1106 South Fifth Street [Ellen Sauer, Moreland Properties]