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Vintage Rosedale home with some surprising updates asks $750K

Remodel opens up 1939 home with light, curves, and color

small white 1939 house with blue trim and metal roof
4009 Rosedale Avenue
Via EXP Realty

At first, this 1939 home, renovated by local design-build firm Peter Dick, looks about as you’d expect. Behind a front that reads a bit Alsatian, traditional features such as fireplaces and hardwood floors are intact, walls inside and outside have been painted white to give it an open-airy feeling, and it’s been punched up with touches of bright color. (We’re not crazy about the general trend, exhibited here, of putting an excessive number of word-signs on the walls, but that’s just a matter of staging.)

As one travels toward the back of the 1,954-square-foot home, however, things get a little less 1930s and a little more 1980s. A combination of curved steel beams and railings, fused glass windows, and bright red or purple floors bring to mind the Art Deco revival, with a touch of postmodern fun, popular in the latter decade. In general, the transition is surprisingly smooth, especially as it winds up on a terrific screened porch that brings the whole thing back around.

Located in the Central Austin Rosedale neighborhood, the home is close to Shoal Creek, Ramsey Park, Central Market, and other amenities of that area’s bustling commercial strips.

The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Small sets of stairs lead to a second living area and a study.

Large trees shade the back and side yards, which feature a deck and patio as well as the screened porch.

4009 Rosedale Avenue [EXP Realty]