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What it costs to buy a home in 28 Austin neighborhoods

From Windsor Park to West Lake Hills

Big 1970s house/pavilion with pool stretched in front
1405 Ridgecrest Drive, in West Lake Hills
Sotheby’s International Real Estate

So you’re looking to buy a home. Or, for some other reason, you’re curious about how the price of Austin housing shakes out by neighborhood.

Never fear; we’ve been working with national real-estate analytics site NeighborhoodX—with whom we have collaborated on numerous projects over the past year and a half or so—to give you the answers you need, in charts, graphs, and hard numbers.

For the neighborhoods in this analysis—which does not include all of the neighborhoods of Austin—the overall price range for the city ranges from $109 per square foot (one of the least expensive properties in Windsor Park) to $1,640 per square foot (one of the most expensive properties, on a per-square-foot basis, in West Lake Hills).

It’s worth noting that the analysis focuses on market rate properties, excluding properties positioned as development sites, which would skew the apparent value of the existing built square footage. It also excludes certain properties listed by owners that have not sold (which, to phrase it gently, suggest that these prices might be mismatched to the market).

In addition, you’ll notice that the study uses price per square foot rather than median sales price in order to allow people to make a more meaningful comparison between neighborhoods—while most might start with median asking prices, the per-square-foot measure can offer additional insight into the overall picture.

Oh, and if you really want to go down the statistical rabbit hole, here’s a comparison NeighborhoodX did with Curbed Austin in May.