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Here’s what it will cost you to buy a home near the University of Texas

Neighborhood prices, top to bottom

Row of condos
2502 Leon Street
Via Realty Austin

If you have a hankering (or a need) to purchase a home within walking distance of the University of Texas campus, you might be looking at the West University neighborhood. And you might want to know more about going home-buying prices there.

In an ongoing series with Curbed Austin, real-estate analytics site NeighborhoodX took a close look at the range of sales asking prices per square foot in the area to find out.

West University is a UT-adjacent neighborhood that includes the traditional West Campus area (UT to the east, North Lamar Boulevard to the west, starting at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard on the south) but extends north to West 38th Street.

The average asking price in the neighborhood is $331 per square foot, although the individual properties that contribute to that average range from $219 per square foot (2401 Leon Street #306) to $412 per square foot (2502 Leon Street #513): a condo and a future condo, respectively, approximately a block apart from each other.

The upper end of the market has come down somewhat since June’s NeighborhoodX report, when the highest asking price was $497 per square foot, relative its current $412 per square foot.

West University's prices fall between those of East Cesar Chavez ($359 per square foot) and North Loop ($328 per square foot), according to NeighborhoodX’s most recent Austin neighborhood pricing report.

As always, readers can hover over the chart bars for more analytics, and the addresses link to the property listings.