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What it costs to buy a home in 18 Austin neighborhoods right now

From Downtown to Manchaca

Penthouse Condominiums
Penthouse Condominiums

So you’re looking to buy a home in Austin. Or, for some other reason—and there are many to be had—you’re curious about how the price of Austin housing shakes out by neighborhood.

Never fear; we’ve been working with national real-estate analytics site NeighborhoodX—with whom we have collaborated on numerous projects over the past year and a half or so—to give you the answers you need, in charts, graphs, and hard numbers.

At the beginning of September, the overall price range for Austin (for the neighborhoods covered in this analysis—which does not cover all of Austin, it should be noted) was $140 per sqaure foot to $1,501 per square foot. Somewhat weirdly, Austin is priced comparably to Philadelphia, where the range is $106 per square foot to 1,680 per square foot

At one end of this price range is the lowest-priced market-rate unit in Northwest Hills-Far West, and at at the other is the most expensive condo in Downtown, points out Constantine A. Valhouli, director of Research for NeighborhoodX.

On the other hand, he noted, the most expensive property for sale in West Lake Hills is, on a per square foot basis, priced higher than the one in Downtown.

NeighborhoodX makes a specialty of noting its emphasis on the metric of per-square-foot, rather than median selling price.

Also of note: The analysis focuses on market rate listings, so it excludes foreclosures and short sales, income-restricted apartments, properties positioned as development sites (or shells), and certain listings with incomplete or contradictory information.