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More West Lake midcentury modern hits the market

1958 home by A.D. Stenger asks $749K

418 RIdgewood Road in West Lake Hills
Via Moreland Properties

It’s unclear what precipitated the buzz about Austin’s midcentury design-build icon, A.D. Stenger (and it’s probably just coincidence), but the second home by him in two days just popped up in real estate listings.)

The most recent Stenger home to make the scene is just up the street from the one in West Lake Hills we featured yesterday. It’s both similar to and very different from that one, in that the former has been significantly altered and renovated, while this one retains more of its original design—not surprising, since it has been in the same family since it was built in 1958.

Unfortunately, the photos that come with the listing might have been taken that year as well. While far from professional, they do show the classic roof line, the interior brick and paneled walls, the beamed roof, and a glimpse of the pink bathtub.

418 Ridgewood Road [Mike Hammonds, Moreland Properties]