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Austin Women’s March 2018: Inspiring photos from a Day of Resistance

This is what street theater looks like

Members of the “Texas Handmaids” lead a women’s march to the Texas State Capitol on the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration
AP (Eric Gay)

For a second year, Congress Avenue became a sea of protesters Saturday as thousands of people marched from Austin City Hall to the Texas Capitol for the 2018 Women’s March on Austin.

The march and rally that followed were the part of a local Day of Resistance, in which progressive activists will hold held consecutive public events. An Impeachment Rally and March, calling for the removal of President Donald Trump from office, drew crowds at City Hall in the morning.

At noon, the Women’s March and Rally Day Austin 2018, organized in conjunction with the Women’s March on Texas, started the procession from City Hall on West Second Street. They were led by the Texas Handmaids, a group that raises awareness of reproductive justice issues and violence against women by dressing in the red robes and white bonnets seen in Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale.

At the Capitol, marchers assembled for the 45th Texas Roe v. Wade Rally and heard from speakers including state Rep. Donna Howard and former state Sen. Wendy Davis, whose 2013 filibuster to prevent a vote on a bill that added restrictions to Texas’ already draconian abortion laws.

A wide variety of people representing everyone from the Girl Scouts to Austin witches showed up in force, showing their support in imaginative, entertaining, and hopeful ways. Try not to get too weepy as you peruse the Instagram photos below.

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