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Mod rancher seeks $375K

Top-notch remodel of 1970s home

One-story, white-brick house with huge live oak tree in front
6918 South Scenic Book Drive
Via The Gill Agency

Many are the homeowners/remodelers who believe they can transform a straight-up 1970s ranch-style house in a modernist dream; far fewer see those visions materialize. This Southwest Austin gem falls into the latter category, possessing as it does the rarefied “Palm Springs vibe” of its listing’s description. Simply put, it’s just nifty.

The one-story, white-brick home was built in 1970 and maintains many of its original features: cathedral ceilings, skylights, built-in bookcases, and an enclosed entry courtyard with some choice metal detailing on its gate. Unlike many of its contemporaries, the house is open, light, and bright, with big windows, airy spaces, and bold but restrained splashes of color. It features four bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,938 square feet.

Located Oak Hill’s Scenic Brook West subdivision, it has the advantage of a suburban-sized lot and some major heritage oak trees on the property, as well as a fenced backyard, deck, and raised gardening beds.

6918 South Scenic Book Drive [Bettina Babbitt, The Gill Agency]