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New Beto mural in East Austin beckons through dreary weather

Artist Chris Rogers completes piece for early voting

Beto O’Rourke at Austin baseball game fundraiser in April
Photo by Drew Anthony Smith/Getty Images

The recent of weeks nearly constant rain, not to mention flooding and unprecedented strain on Austin’s water treatment system followed by the frantic boiling of water, were not the best lead-up to the first day of early voting in Texas in the city. Nevertheless, turnout was quite high and voters were undaunted by having to brave long lines and what is, granted, on and off sprinkling at this point to cast their ballots.

Austin-based artist Chris Rogers was equally undaunted. In spite of what were then nearly constant downpours, Rogers persisted in his most recent project. He completed his new mural, Beto for Texas, just in time for the first day of early voting, October 22.

Located in an alley off Waller Street between East Cesar Chavez and East Second streets, the painting depicts the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in full superhero mode, displaying a large “B” on his shirt, flying a Texas-flag cape, and looking intently into the middle distance, with the Austin skyline in the background.

Rogers, who recently repainted and updated a painted-over mural on East 12th and Chicon streets, was daunted but undeterred by the heavy rain that fell during the project, according to a Tuesday Austin Monthly story. It took him 40 hours to complete in time for the elections, which he hopes will help lead to the restoration of justice in Texas and the country as a whole.

Chris Rogers’ newest mural: “Beto for Texas” [AM]