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Century-old fixer-upper asks $850K

Large 1906 house in Holly with potential

Two-story wood house on wooded lot
1605 Canterbury Street
Via Stiles Real Estate Agency

There are certain repairs and updates that this two-story, wood-frame home obviously needs. The big one is that—while its electrical service and gas and water lines have been updated, the standing-seam roof looks good, the lot has been regraded, and attic access and insulation have been improved—it has no central HVAC system. It might or might not need some exterior paint. The kitchen appliances look good, but perhaps a complete overhaul of the cabinetry is in order.

Deciding what to do with the interior is a more subjective call. Listed on National Register of Historic Places and christened the Lung House, the Holly neighborhood home was built in 1906. Measuring 2,760 square feet, it retains such historic details as oak and longleaf-pine floors, the wooden staircase, the fireplace mantle, windows, and hardware.

The wooden interior walls are exposed (or were never covered), and in general the interior looks to be in excellent shape and of its time—meaning one could run with the romantic, historic look or take advantage of the high ceilings, large windows, and general size to push it in a more modern direction. An eclectic mix—one popular in Austin, especially on the south and east sides—is always an option. With six bedrooms and two bedrooms—plus a large lot, an equipment barn, and a chicken coop—the buyer has a lot to work with, whatever the decorative direction.

1605 Canterbury Street [Stiles Real Estate Agency]