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Buy a small home with a large chicken coop for $395K

Updated East Austin cottage built in 1958

Small, one-story, wood-frame home shaded by large pecan tree
4608 Govalle Street
Via Realty Austin

It’s getting difficult to find this kind of sweet, small home on the Austin market—even tucked away in Govalle, an East Side neighborhood that has managed to maintain a decent mix of small residences, small industry, urban farms, creative spaces, and green space, even as the city expands in its direction.

Built in 1958, this one-story home sits on a relative large lot with shaded by large pecan trees and features a shaded back deck and fire pit its backyard. The spacious yard is also set up with gardening beds and a chicken yard and coop, making it perfect for the kind of family-scaled agriculture that was once essential and is still common in the area.

The 780-square-foot home has two bedrooms and one bathroom. It was extensively updated in 2017 and features a metal roof; polished concrete floors; custom local, reclaimed wood finish-outs in the kitchen, bathroom, and utility room; concrete countertops; a tankless water heater; and energy-efficient windows, and insulation.

4608 Govalle Street [Realty Austin]