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CDC’s first scooter safety study will take place in Austin

Public health study will be based on city’s stats

White electric scooters lined up facing a white brick wall. Courtesy of Bird

Austin will be the testing ground for the national Center for Disease Control’s first study of dockless scooter safety KUT reported Thursday. Austin Public Health and the city Transportation Department will partner with the CDC in the study, according to a report from the city’s Mobility Committee.

The study will look at incidents that took place from September 5-November 4 of this year—specifically 37 EMS calls and 68 scooter injuries reported through syndromic surveillance (data surveillance related to public health) at Austin area hospitals. Interviews for the study will begin this week.

The study will be used for rider education and possibly form the basis of a future safety ordinance for dockless vehicles, which was on the timeline presented in the mobility report. Austin hopes to determine some best safety practices that could be helpful to other cities as well.

The CDC Will Conduct A First-Of-Its-Kind Study Of Scooter Injuries In Austin [KUT]