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Small Holly home is a clean slate

East Side fixer wants $369K

Small white one-story wood frame house with small porch
2510 East Third Street
Via Casa Blanca Realty/Realtor

Minimalists and renovation artists who are on a budget but want it all (i.e., to live near Downtown Austin) might take more than a passing interest in at this small home in East Austin’s Holly neighborhood. The one-bedroom, one-bathroom house is small, if not tiny (924 square feet), and thus might appeal to the substantial market of buyers who are looking to downsize or just pare down. It’s also clearly a fixer-upper, being sold as-is and without a current survey.

On the other hand, the price isn’t terrible, and if you choose to remodel rather than raze, it looks like a previous owner of has done some of your demo work for you. Built in the mid-1940s, the house is now basically one big room with a kitchen and very open floor plan, what looks like a just-updated bathroom, and a bedroom. It’s all painted white and has either new or stripped hardwood floors, with an IKEAish kitchen space and lots of light. Consider it a pre-remodel, perhaps—though, with the addition of a couple of kitchen appliances, it looks perfectly livable as it is.

2510 East Third Street [Via Casa Blanca Realty/Realtor]