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Midcentury modern with original features asks $500K

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Fixer-upper with personality in Highland Park West

Small bedroom with clerestory windows and interior brick wall
3509 Lakeland Drive
Via Keller Williams Austin

Homes of the midcentury modern vintage aren’t hard to come by in the Highland Park West neighborhood, but they often have premium price tags. Of course, those are for the most part well-renovated ones that pull out all the stops with faithful restoration and reproduction, updating for contemporary tastes in the spirit of the original, or a mix—and almost always featuring lots of high-end finishes and fixtures along with expert staging.

This 1,248-square-foot, single-story home isn’t one of those, but it could be. Built in 1954, it appears to have most of its original features and floorplan intact, as well as classic details such as its low-angled front roof and carport. The interior of the two-bedroom, two-bathroom house looks caught somewhere between renovation and preservation, but its classic structure and such vintage features as interior brick walls and period kitchen cabinets are intact. It also features a fab walled courtyard in front and backs to a wooded lot.

3509 Lakeland Drive [Keller Williams Austin]