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New South Austin condo seeks $540K

Sleek, contemporary, and fun

two-story white contemporary home with metal carport with angled green supports
2605 Oak Crest Ave #2 [Shamrock Realty]
Via Redfin

Although placed behind a nifty, space-age carport that could fill in for a Torchy’s awning, this South Austin condo’s style has a lineage in the humbler garage apartment. Those units, however, were usually part of one property encompassing the lot and both structures on it and had one owner. That arrangement is what most advocates and owners of accessory dwelling units are seeking, but those who can’t afford to buy two homes or build a second one often opt for detached condos such as the two on this property.

The two-story, brand-new back home is located south of Bouldin Creek, in the Galindo neighborhood. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,100 square feet, as well as two outdoor living areas and a private backyard. Kitchen counters are marble, floors are wood and concrete, ceilings are vaulted, and lighting is recessed. The home also has a number of energy-efficient features: foam insulation, fans, low-e windows, a tankless water heater, nad a heat pump.

2605 Oak Crest Ave #2 [Shamrock Realty]