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6 Austin media rooms perfect for Super Bowl viewing

All in palatial homes, all on the market

3900 Pearce Road
Via Estately

Admittedly, if you’re not already setting up the solo cups and crock pot full of Velveeta and Rotel, at this point you’re going to have to work with what you have when it comes to creating the perfect media room for watching Super Bowl LII on Sunday.

You can find some great tips for festive Game Day Decor, even with a time crunch, here. For inspiration that’s closer to home—aside from, obviously, the presence of the second graduate of Westlake High School as a starting quarterback in a Super Bowl—we worked with Estately to find a sampling of some of the best media rooms located in Austin homes that are currently for sale.

As we all know, aside from providing a prodigious number of comfy places with good sightlines for watching the game, the most important quality in a media room is full-on commitment to whatever bold style one chooses.

14800 Flat Top Ranch Road. This zebra-striped wonderland is located in the most expensive homes on the market: a 13,731-square-foot, 6.8 acre Lake Austin waterfront estate in Steiner Ranch. In addition to its plush viewing room, it has five bedrooms, eight bedrooms, and a $6.399 million price tag (recently reduced by half a mil or so).

3901 Watersedge Drive. This understated but elegant viewing room is in a home with a price that’s also been reduced (by $600,000), though it’s still twice the price of the home above ($12.95 million). Recently remodeled by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, it’s on waterfront lot measuring almost two acres and has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms in 7,663 square feet.

1509 Palomino Ridge Drive. Continuing the palatial house/casual-comfy media room theme, this red room comes with a retro diner-style bar and gaming area. The 15,842-square-foot home around it has 11 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, as well as being sited on 6.4 acres. It’s asking around $7.499 million.

440 Brandon Way. This one’s a bit understated, perhaps to put the focus on what’s on the screen, but it looks comfortable. It’s located in a 6,704-square-foot manse with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms on close to an acre. It has also been reduced recently, by $100,000, to an asking price of $2.299 million.

Via Estately

3900 Pearce Road. With its semicircular bar just outside the viewing area, this setup might remind one a bit of the Austin Film Society space, at least before it was remodeled and still hosted the Blue Genie Holiday Bazaar. In a completely random way, the theater itself connects to a vaguely bazaar theme with its wall niches and abstract decoration. The gated, 2.3-acre estate where it’s located is the site of a 12,000-square-foot home with seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms and views of the Pennybacker/Loop 360 Bridge and asking $4.15 million.

4609 Mirador Drive. Here’s another one with a fairly low-key decorative theme and what looks like furniture so comfortable, you might risk falling asleep during viewable content that’s less than riveting. The home of this inviting media cave is a 8,512-square-foot house on almost two acres with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, located on a high point in Barton Creek. Asking price: $4.55 million.

  • 2 Beecher Lane. This cozy space with an Avengers-themed screen speaks to the movie lover who wants a casual, intimate experience with the film of their choosing. The Rob Roy contemporary in West Lake Hills that contains it measures 6,444 square feet and has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. It’s asking $1.375 million.