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Sweet remodel with lots of exposed shiplap pops up in East Austin

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1940s Chestnut home asks $409K

Dark gray 1940s wood house with white trim, orange door
2300 East 16th Street
Via Estately

We’ve watched this home in the central-east Chestnut neighborhood go through a few transformations over the years, although the essential look and structure remains the same. The fact that it was sold five times between 2000 and 2012 sheds some light on those changes, at least some of which were likely flips.

The latest one, however, is of a quality (and price) that makes it more likely to find a buyer in the owner-occupier tier, although that’s not a given: One side of the property is on Chestnut Street, which has become an increasingly busy cross-street on the Eastside over the years. The corrugated-metal privacy fence that has been in place for some time seems to mitigate that factor, though, and looks better than it sounds.

Built in 1941, the one-story, wood-frame home measures 1,121 square feet and has three bedrooms and one bathroom. The cozy house seems to retain many of its original features, including double-hung windows, high baseboards, and wood floors; many of the shiplap and wooden ceilings have been exposed, some painted and some not.

The home features a wood-burning fireplace in the living room and an open-plan dining room-kitchen combo.

The home’s three bedrooms all feature exposed wood walls and floors. The bathroom has a full tub/tiled shower combination and a double sink and vanity.

The home’s angled front door opens on to the lawn, which has a fence that is stairstepped and open at the bottom, adding visual interest to the structure, which provides noise protection and privacy from a busy street.

2300 East 16th Street [Elizabeth Emberson, The Stiles Agency]