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Tiny houses, smart cars get together at SXSW

The future is here, and it’s micro

Small high-tech steel and glass house
Kasita home at Community First! village
KUT courtesy of Kasita

Local tiny-house manufacturer Kasita is teaming up with Smart cars at SXSW to offer a glimpse of the future of affordability and mobility, micro-style.

Kasita, which recently rolled out its newest vision for the small, prefab homes it manufactures in Austin, will be in Palm Park during the festival, along with Smart car company. Both will unveil new “micro-innovations” in their product design.

Participants can tour a model of Kasita’s most recent design at the park, and Smart’s newest electric cars will be onsite as well. Information and conversation about both will no doubt be both available and abundant. The event will also feature the lounge space, games, and music one has come to expect from all things SXSW-related.

Austin-based Kasita—founded by Jeff Wilson aka “Professor Dumpster”—has made large strides with its small homes of late, unveiling differently scaled and priced takes on its original smart homes as well as plans for modular, stackable units. It is also expanding into markets in Nevada and California.