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Buy a cabin-style oasis in the city for $610K

Best of both worlds

Rustic but updated looking reddish wood house with a deck-style bridge and a small pond in front
4204 Bellvue Avenue
Via Estately

This house is not so much “cabin-style” as it is an actual cabin—albeit less rustic than most and more like something you’d find at a nice dude ranch or tropical eco-hotel. While the interiors could stand to have a little less woodwork, even for a cabin, they intertwine with the inspiring and lush outdoor greenery to create a lovely, peaceful-looking environment (also, the wood is cedar, so it probably smells good).

The outdoor space really is the story here. The 1,209-square-foot home, built in 1930, is surrounded by an unobtrusive but privacy-lending fence that’s covered with various vines and bushes. There are decks all around, some covered and some not, with built-in seating, as well as gated archways, fountains, a koi pond, and a conservatory.

Located in the leafy, still modestly scaled Crestview neighborhood between North Lamar Boulevard and close to Ramsey Park, the home has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a small study.

4204 Bellvue Avenue [E3 Properties]