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Dockless bike-sharing company pulls Austin fleet

Adios, Ofo

Ofo bicycles in Dallas
Harry Thomas Flower / Shutterstock

China-based dockless bike-sharing company Ofo will pull its fleet of bright-yellow bicycles from Austin just over a month after debuting in the city, the Austin Business Journal reported Friday.

In addition to removing its 333 bicycles from Austin, Ofo has taken its bikes off streets from most U.S. cities where it operated or has plans to do so. It has also canceled plans to introduce them to some areas, such as the Bronx in New York City.

According to the ABJ article, the company is scaling back across the country after its initial expansion and will remain in only a few U.S. cities. Ofo issued a statement that it will also pull out of Dallas, its other major Texas market, the Journal reports, but will remain in College Station, Texas.

The Journal article also linked to a story on the Quartz website in which Ofo confirmed that it had laid off employees throughout North America. The paper reported that the company had launched 40,000 bikes in 30 markets in the U.S. alone and had staked a claim of being the world’s largest bike-rental provider since its start four years ago.

Dockless bike-sharing and scooter companies Bird, Lime, Goat Labs, Pace, and Jump are still operating in Austin.

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