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Mod North Loop condo seeks $539K

Michael Hsu Architecture design

Row of contemporary condos made of concrete blocks and multi-paned, color-blocked windows
502 West 55th Street #2
Courtesy of Moreland Properties

This small condo complex is one of the more noticeable infill projects that started popping up between the 2008 real-estate crash (which the energy-based Texas economy suffered from less than most) in the lead-up to 2010, which many consider the start of Austin’s latest, so far longest boom of the 21st century.

Its design is well-suited to what must have been a challenging, narrow lot, it doesn’t overwhelm the single-family homes that still surround it for the most part (the commercial complex across the street aside), and it holds up. The structure displays its components—concrete, metal siding, and multi-colored glass—in sophisticated, distinctive style that still looks current. So: Well done, Michael Hsu Office of Architecture.

Measuring 1,786 square feet, this three-story unit has two bedrooms and three bathrooms. The layout is a series of open floor plans, tall ceilings, and concrete and bamboo flooring, tied together by a dramatic exposed staircase. There’s a spacious rooftop deck big enough for a garden, entertaining, or both, and a small yard behind the front fence.

The first floor features a large living area with flexible, open space that could be used as an office, studio, or any number of things—including just more living space. On the second story is an open kitchen and another living area.

Bright, sunny bedrooms and the large deck occupy the top floor.

502 West 55th Street #2 [Moreland Properties]