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Tiny shotgun house from New Orleans pulls into Austin

Eyewear pop-up shop on tour

Modern tiny shotgun pop-up
Courtesy of Krewe

New Orleans eyewear brand Krewe has tapped into the style of some of NOLA’s classic architecture to create a mobile tiny house for taking its goods on the road in the form of a pop-up shop.

The mobile boutique is the company’s take on the city’s iconic shotgun-style houses and is possibly not much smaller than some of the homes that inspired it, but definitely interpreted with a modern twist. Its matte-black exterior, polished wood doors, and a wraparound glass skylight capture the feel of the homes’s original materials, but a butterfly roof and a sleek, white interior push it well into modernist territory.

The shop made the first stop on its national tour in Austin. The Krewe crew is operating out of the house at just south of South Congress Books (1608½ South Congress Avenue). It will be open daily through the end of the year, when its residency here ends and it hits the road again.

Cathlin McCullough Photography courtesy of Krewe

South Congress Books

1608 South Congress Avenue, , TX 78704 Visit Website