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HomeAway opens new space-age offices at the Domain

Vacation rental company continues to boom

Futuristic meeting area with yellow panels on ceiling, dim lighting, mod chairs
The Forum in HomeAway’s new office building
Courtesy of HomeAway

If the short-term-rental industry is facing some kind of existential crisis, you’d never know it by looking at HomeAway. The global vacation rental company, which originated and is headquartered in Austin (and is now owned by Expedia), opened another local office building Tuesday—its sixth in the city and its second at the Domain. A third, larger Domain-area HomeAway building is also under construction.

The company’s newest office is located in a 20,000-square-foot building the company dubbed “D3” at 11501 Domain Drive and has space for 140 employees. It will house several of HomeAway’s product and development teams as well as serving as what the company called a “testing ground” for features being considered for the larger building, slated to open in 2019.

In the meantime, designers appear to have had fun with D3. As with all of HomeAway’s local buildings, it has an interior design theme that is played out in motifs throughout the space. This one has a sort of space-age atmosphere, one that seems to reference variants of Star Trek and similar shows and films from many generations.

The new office space features large, futuristic open areas as well as smaller meeting and collaboration areas that would look at home on any number of cinematic spaceships.

The building has bistro seating and a cold-brew coffee kegerator in its kitchen area.

The company’s third Domain building, called D11, will be 16 stories tall. It’s currently under construction and is expected to be completed next year.