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Austin tiny house can be yours for less than $48K

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Sweet, small living

Start Small tiny house
Courtesy of Start Small

Home buyers looking to live small may be in luck this week, as a rare, truly tiny house has hit the market. Being sold by its owner (who is also the architect who designed and built it), the adorable little unit on wheels measures 230 square feet and has all the amenities one needs for a comfortable lifestyle.

Measuring 20 by 8.5 feet, the home has high ceilings and a lofted main bed as well as a couch/bench that folds out for sleeping. There are many ingenious, space-saving elements, an on-demand hot-water heater, and an air-conditioning/heating unit. It’s also lovely looking and modern, with well-placed windows that bring in lots of light while maintaining privacy. Materials were chosen carefully to make sure the home is as light—and therefore as movable—as possible (it weighs 8,000 pounds).

There’s an open house on Sunday, August 26, and you can find many more details on the Start Small site.

Start Small tiny house