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Lime makes dockless bikes, scooters more affordable to underserved

Discounts and easier access

Lime scooter
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Lime, the dockless-bike and -scooter company, recently launched a program that aims to make its fleets more accessible and affordable to Austin riders. Earlier this month, the company expanded its Lime Access in all its U.S. markets, including Austin.

The program, which the company launched in Seattle and Los Angeles a year ago, is intended to make its bikes and scooters available to people in underserved communities. Lime Access riders can unlock any Lime product without a smartphone, purchase Lime credit with cash in partnership with PayNearMe (a program that enables people to pay bills with cash at several national chains, including 7-11 and CVS), and receive a 50 percent discount on electric projects and 95 percent off pedal bikes.

Lime Access users will be able to text to unlock its vehicles’s functionality and have access to its full “fleet” (e-scooters and e-bikes as well as pedal-assist and other bicycles)