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Bouldin bungalow captures a mood with dark exterior

Halloween-ready South Austin home asks $895K

1930s wood-frame one-story house with black exterior at twilight
806 Christopher Street
DEN Property Group

There haven’t been too many houses on the Austin market following the somewhat recent national trend of sporting all-black exteriors—the increasingly warm climate being the most obvious likely reason for that. This attractive bungalow in Bouldin Creek, however, has the advantage of being shaded by the large oak and other heritage trees that surround it, as well as being somewhat buffered from urban heat effects by the forested, creekside area behind it.

Built in the 1930s and completely rethought and remodeled by Thoughtbarn Architecture Studio, the 1,502-square-foot home has has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. A number of features, such as a hidden closet and a climatized basement, are useful additions that expand utility without sacrificing style. Deft design that includes Moroccan concrete tile, custom steel-and-white-oak wainscoting, and large windows integrated with home’s original period style combine to create a wide-open, surprisingly light background for a variety of individual aesthetics.

There’s also a large, covered deck and extended entertaining area with a fire pit, a nice touch that works well with the hidden-cottage feel lent by the dark exterior.

806 Christopher Street [DEN Property Group]