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1950s home remodeled for light, simple appeal

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Long, low modern asks $375K

Living room interior with light walls, concrete floors,  simple furniture, rugs
7704 Creston Lane
Via AustinHomeSearch, Alexandra Petroski

Is the Highland neighborhood hot? Judging by the remodel of this 1959 home, not to mention the aspirational but not out-of-reach price, the area might be heading that way. Located in near some office parks and other businesses close to the intersection of Research/Highway 183 and North Lamar Boulevard, the home is convenient to restaurants, retail, and other attractions but is part of the transition into the deeply residential nature of the neighborhood surrounded by those booming, bustling traffic arteries.

A thorough renovation of the 1,296-square-foot home also testifies its intent to appeal to lovers of the clean-lined, the contemporary, and the bright, with polished concrete floors and clever reimagining of the original windows.

The home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, along with black granite countertops, new cabinets, and light wood and tiles adding to the open, minimalist effect. If you feel like working on things that include clutter and mess in the process, there’s a large garage workshop area and a storage building with electricity in back.

7704 Creston Lane [AustinHomeSearch, Alexandra Petroski]