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Sneak peek: Tribeza Interiors Tour 2019

Homes highlight one-of-a-kind design

Living room with chandelier, colorful furniture and decor
Casa Cartel
Erin Holsonback courtesy of Tribeza

Like Austin festival season, Austin home-tour season isn’t really a thing—the city offers opportunities to experience exciting new design all year round. Many of those events are one-off affairs, but there are a few established happenings to look forward to every year, and the Tribeza Interiors Tour is one of them.

The homes tour sets itself apart by focusing on interiors specifically (rather than, say, architecture or history) and offers a real-world look at the work of some of the city’s most prominent designers. The opportunity to see their visions fully realized, in residences where people actually live, is rare indeed.

The 2019 tour takes place Sunday, when attendees will have the afternoon to take a self-guided, self-paced tour featuring the work of nine acclaimed, Austin-based decorators and designers in eight homes around the central city (which also gives you a chance to take in a variety of Austin neighborhoods, from Allandale to East Riverside).

bathroom with book-themed wallpaper, modern sink
Killy Scheer design
Ryann Ford courtesy of Tribeza

This year, the tour highlights the work of Kristen Nix Interiors, Maureen Stevens Styling & Design, Well Dressed Space, Lisa Parker Interiors, RGainsley Interior Design, Laura Roberts Design, Scheer & Co. Interior Design, Sarah Wittenbraker, and McCray & Co.

LIving room with white walls, eclectic furniture, floral couch
Sarah Wittenbraker design
Kristen Kilpatrick courtesy of Tribeza