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Austin’s best historic places, 2019 edition

Preservation Austin embraces variety

Exterior of a neoclassical building with an arcade held by corinthian columns. A vaulted ceiling with a mural is visible underneath.
Austin History Center
Courtesy of Preservation Austin

Historic and cultural preservation in Austin tends to be a tricky business—especially in the case of single-family homes, as the city grapples with implementing new development codes. Since 1953, Preservation Austin has finessed this the situation adeptly, becoming the city’s leading nonprofit advocate of historic preservation.

“Preservation” now takes different forms in Austin and includes civic projects, buildings, and advocacy. This year, historically and culturally significant private homes have also undergone some stunning restoration work that incorporates contemporary additions or is carried out in a way conducive to multifamily housing.

The 12 recipients of this year’s Preservation Austin Merit Awards run that gamut and, along with the group’s stewardship and special recognition awards, include such diverse work as the density-adding Avenue C Redevelopment in Hyde Park; Will and Noel Bridges’s work preserving cultural landmarks such as Deep Eddy Cabaret, Cisco’s, and Antone’s; and the Waterloo Greenway Conservancy’s restoration of Symphony Square.

The group also gives special recognition to such projects as an Austin History Center mural restoration, public service in a historic district, and education.

“Our awards program gives us an amazing opportunity to shine a light on these incredible projects and the stories they tell about Austin, past and present,” said Lindsey Derrington, the nonprofit’s executive director. “Every year we’re blown away by the amazing preservation work happening in our city in every day.”

Recipients will be honored at Preservation Austin’s Preservation Merit Awards Celebration at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel on November 15.

2019 Preservation Merit Awards recipients

Photo of two one-story frame houses with two front doors each, wooden picket fences and trees in front, and newer two-story buildings with peaked roofs in back.
Avenue C Redevelopment
Andrea Calo

Avenue C Redevelopment

Preservation Award for Infill and Addition

Recipient: David Rudick

Project by Thoughtbarn/Delineate Studio and Deville Custom Homes

Barrow House

Preservation Award for Rehabilitation

Recipient: Chris Hyams and Lize Burr

Project by Jay Farrell, Architect, and Ford Strei Builders

Buaas House

Preservation Award for Restoration

Recipient: 806 Baylor

Project by O’Connell Architecture and J. Pinnelli Company

Paul Finkel

Five Yard House

Preservation Award for Rehabilitation and Addition

Recipient: Thomas Bentley and Carol Rylander

Project by Miró Rivera Architects and J. Pinnelli Company

Charles Peveto

Goodman Building

Preservation Award for Rehabilitation

Recipient: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Project by FWAI Architects and Ross Group

Leonid Furmansky

A.J. Jernigan House

Preservation Award for Rehabilitation and Addition

Recipient: Michael and Maureen Metteauer

Project by Limbacher & Godfrey Architects, Straight and Level Construction

Leonid Furmansky

Wende Bungalow

Preservation Award for Rehabilitation

Recipient: Harmony Grogan & Jacob Scheick

Project by Pluck Architecture

Top rows of an outdoor amphitheater with trees and two one-story structure in the background and a few people sitting or milling about.
Symphony Square
Leonid Furmansky

2019 Preservation Austin Stewardship Awards

Stewardship of Symphony Square: Waterloo Greenway Conservancy

Stewardship of Austin’s Cultural Landmarks: Will and Noel Bridges

A box attached to a stone wall with Spanish text and an old map displayed on it. The title is “Robles de la Subasta de Austin.”
Plaque from Downtown Austin Alliance’s Our Austin Story project
Courtesy of Preservation Austin

2019 Preservation Austin Special Recognition Awards

Special Recognition for Craftsmanship: Mark Van Gelder, Austin History Center Mural Restoration

Special Recognition for Public Service: Guadalupe Association for an Improved Neighborhood, Robertson/Stuart & Mair Historic District

Special Recognition for Education: Downtown Austin Alliance, Our Austin Story