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Dig the designer dog houses of Barkitecture 2019

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Peek at pics of this year’s pooch palaces

Outdoor photo of a large structure with an artificial grass floor, an outline of a fire hydrant inset in to a wall, a tent-shaped partial roof, and steps leading to a small swimming pool.
Doghouse designed by Accomplice
Courtesy of Accomplice

Most Austin dog, design, and dog-and-design lovers know about Barkitecture, the annual event in which that shows off Austin construction and design to benefit nonprofit shelter and animal advocacy groups. This weekend sees the 15th anniversary of the show (who knew?), now officially called Nulo Barkitecture Austin, which gives pups and people a chance to explore some mighty stylish, one-of-a-kind dog houses up for auction this year.

As the new, longer name indicates, Barkitecture has stepped up its sponsorship game quite a bit, and it’s learned a new trick as well: For the first time, the doggy domains will be up for auction on Ebay as well as available for bidding at a silent auction at the local event. That means dog lovers around the world have a chance to nab a stylish, bespoke home for their furry friends even if they can’t attend the Austin show.

Barkitecture 2019: When, where, and what

Speaking of that show: Barkitecture 2019 will be Sunday at Fair Market, noon-4 p.m. It’s free and open to the public, and it showcases quite a few of Austin’s top architecture, design, and building firms (check out the photos below to learn which ones, in particular, those are this year).

Judges included architect Jamie Chioco, blogger Camille Styles, Austin Home editor Madeline Hollern, Good Day Austin weekend anchor Tania Ortega, and Studio 512 host Rosie Newberry. They’ll will select winners in several categories while attendees vote for their favorites, as well (past winners have been truly inspired and include West-Texas-inspired Pawda Arfa and an elegant plexiglass basinette).

2019 Barkitecture contestants

Here are just a few of the pooch palaces that will be on display, as well as some quite fetching models (we don’t know if they actually fetch, though).

An angular doghouse with a surfboard-like roof, a neon statue of a dog, and a shade sculpture that looks like a giant leaf in a yard.
Ion Art
Courtesy of Ion Art
Interior photo of a table supported by a small rectangular box on wheels and a larger box on wheels on each end. The boxes have oval openings, and the larger one has dog bedding and curtain inside.
Newcastle + Studio Momentum
Courtesy of Newcastle + Studio Momentum
A beagle-type dog sits with its tongue out on a wooden platform on wheels shaded by the propped-open side of a rectangular doghouse with an angled roof. A concrete car bridge and parts of two tall buildings are in the background.
STG + Ryan Companies
Courtesy of STG + Ryan Comapanies
An architectural rendering  of a modern-looking dog house with slats connected by metal bars serving as walls and roof. There’s a drawing of a large, lab-type dog inside and grass is depicted surrounding the house.
Webber + Studio
Courtesy of Webber + Studio
A small dog in front of a small replica of the Texas state capitol, a columned three-story building with an arched entrance and a tall cupola on top.
Courtesy of Jauregui
An simple peaked-roof structure installed upside down so that the flat base is the roof. The platform inside is set up for a dog, and there are plants on the flat roof. It’s outdoors in a scrubby, hilly landscape.
LaRue and Elev8
Courtesy of LaRue and Elev8
A spare structure with an angled asymmetrical roof, open on the ends, and a floor with a built-in cushion. There is a long-haired lab-looking dog lying on one side of the cushion and a brick wall in back.
Courtesy of Gensler

In addition to a being a designy dog party, Barkitecture will feature local vendor booths, a “Dogstume” contest, a pet portraitist (proceeds donated), and opportunities for education about animal adoption and advocacy opportunities. There will also be a BarkLounge, with adult beverages and fare from local food trucks available.

Outdoor shot of a tent-like dog house with acoustic guitars’s necks crossed across the entrance.
Courtesy of Levy
Rustic cabin-style dog house with a shinkgled peaked roof and weathered wood siding.
Driftwood Commercial and Polkinghorn Group
Courtesy of Driftwood Commercial and Polkinghorn Group
Low, wooden, bench-type structure with a brass wall at one end. There are pillows underneath, two dog dishes on platform on other side of brass wall, and a bone-shaped mat that says “Woof” in front.
Laura Britt Design
Courtesy of Laura Britt Design
A two-tiered rolling cart. The bottom has perforated metal walls painted white, with a small dog on a pillow inside. The top is wood and designed to serve as a bar or serving area. There are popcorn boxes and beer bottles on top.
Courtesy of CasaBella

All dog houses will be sold via silent auction to raise funds for Safe in Austin, Lone Star Doberman Rescue, and Austin Pets Alive. The barkitect whose house receives the highest bid will also get to choose a beneficiary to receive the Subaru Loves Pets Award presented by Austin Subaru.

An interior photo of a crate-like container with walls on metal one side that open to become a ramp and an awning-type structure. Black metal walls have perforations shaped like dog paws.
Studio Gee and Balfour Beauty
Courtesy of Studio Gee and Balfour Beauty
Interior photo of a simple desk with a metal cube serving as support and dog cubby on one end.
Big D Design
Courtesy of Big D Design
Interior photo of a modern desk with one end supported by a rectangular structure with wooden half-walls. A dog is lying inside.
Courtesy of HU_O

Nulo Barkitecture Austin will host a preview party Thursday at The Belmont, wherein top dogs can get a sneak peek of some of the year’s custom dog houses as well as food, drink, and pet portraits.

A GIF/moving image of a dog going in a circle, in and out of a coffee table that has an opening and pad that makes it able to double as a dog space.
Studio Six5 and Rogers OBrien
Courtesy of Studio Six5 and Rogers O’Brien

Some of this year’s participating barkitects include Newcastle Homes, Studio Momentum, Big D Design, Jauregui Architect-Builder, Pfluger Architects, STG Design, StudioSIX5, Rogers O’Brien Construction, Cedar Ridge High School Design Studio, JE Dunn Construction, Studio8 Architects, S. Watts Group, Gensler, LEVY Architects, CG& S Design-Build, H+UO Architects, Meredith Owen Interiors, NatCo Woodworks, Black Sheep Unique, Tim Cuppett Architects, RisherMartin Fine Homes, Laura Britt Design, Accomplice, LaRue Architects, Elev8 Builders, STUDIOGEE Architecture, Balfour Beatty Construction, Ion Art, Ryan Companies, Driftwood General Contractors, CasaBella Architects, HEWN, and Webber + Studio Architects.

Fair Market

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