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Vintage 1930s home holds style surprises

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The Hancock classic is on the market for $615K

A yellow brick one story house with gabled roofs and and arched front doorway.
804 Park Boulevard
Via Chabon & Associates

The vintage homes that line Park Boulevard in the Hancock neighborhood seem to be popping up on the market a lot lately, possibly due to the Auberge hotel that will open next year on the nearby Perry Estate.

The latest is a lovely brick one-story that was built in 1939 but holds some 1950s-era surprises within. Behind the arched doorway of the brick home are what look like original wood floors, fireplace, window trim, and so on. The kitchen, bathroom, and den are a bit of a mystery, as they could have what would have been cutting-edge original features at the time. On the other hand, they look to have been remodeled anytime (or all of the time) from the 1950s to the 1980s. Whatever the case, they’re graced with pink countertops, tile, and fixtures, along with gray accents in the form of wallpaper and floor tile in the kitchen and den.

Measuring 1,566 square feet, the home at 804 Park Boulevard has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a fenced backyard, and off-street parking with a small garage/storage space. It’s listed by Anthony Choban of Choban & Associates.