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Funky Eastside cottage seeks $400K

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Small home packed with personality

Exterior photo of a small house with a raised concrete front porch covered by a gabled roof. The front yard is covered in gravel, and there are concrete pavers leading to the porch. There are purple sage bushes and other plants around the porch.
1313 Comal Street, Unit A
Via Outlaw Realty

We came upon the listing for this cozy-looking home via the website of realtor Creede Fitch, who listed it the last time it was sold. Fitch informs us that the home—the front unit of a shared lot with a larger, newer home in back—was remodeled by local architect Alan Gonzalez Garcia’s Aguacate Studios, which has worked on Mohawk and a number of East Austin residences as well as restaurants.

Built in 1923, the one-bedroom, one-bathroom house (really more of studio, with the bedroom area separated by curtains rather than a wall and a lofted second sleeping space) blends its original materials with modern updates and quirky architectural and style choices, such as the vaulted kitchen roof with bamboo-covered ceiling cutouts and a bathroom wall with exposed framing and other raw materials.

The home’s square footage is a spooky 666, which suits its gothy, dark-gray exterior and its Munsters-evoking address. It’s completely separated from the other unit on the lot by a stylish wooden fence and has a private backyard with alley access and off-street parking as well as a couple of pleasant sitting/entertainment areas. The listing for the home at 1313 Comal Street #A is now held by Outlaw Realty.