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Tarrytown contemporary with classic modern features wants $2.1M

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Who doesn’t love a pendant fireplace?

Photo of a contemporary living room with a wall open to a patio. Slatted wood forms the ceiling and a divider on one side of the room. A metal, orb-shaped fireplace hangs from the ceiling. Modern furniture is arranged in the center of the room.
2209 West Ninth Street
Via SEED Property Group.

Like many modern contemporaries, a new home in Tarrytown chooses to blend in on the outside, opting for practical, inoffensive design that, in trying to include something for everyone, overshoots any school of classic modernist style by quite a bit. Inside is a different story, with an easy flow, dramatic slatted ceilings and dividers, and a nifty hanging fireplace that conjures some midcentury mojo.

The indoor-outdoor flow is strong with this one as well. Picture and clerestory windows let in light, while floor-to-ceiling glass doors open to connect the main living area with a well-appointed patio.

The kitchen stays sleek for the most part, with unfussy cabinetry and a built-in gas range and refrigerator. The multistoried, 3,720-square-foot home has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms in addition to a one-bedroom, downstairs guest suite with its own bathroom and a private entry.

The home at 2209 West Ninth Street is listed by Amy Mosier of SEED Property Group.