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Hot remodel marks return of $1.58M Pemberton Heights home to market

What a difference design makes

1106 Claire Avenue
Via Compass

When this distinctive Old West Austin home was listed in June for $1.6 million, it already stood out for its forested location, 1938 period features, and the fact that owners had chosen to enhance and expand rather than replace it with a gargantuan mansion-type thing of the type often found in its Pemberton Heights neighborhood. Or perhaps they were simply stuck with keeping it true to form in the historic district.

Whatever the case, the outcome was happy—an unusual vintage home, nicely expanded and overlooking Shoal Creek, survived. If it looked a bit drab inside upon last listing, well, what a difference interior design makes.

In addition to its mix of vintage and new tile, countertops, white oak floors, shiplap walls, and high-end appliances, the staging by Renner Group—the in-town design and vintage studio that’s so good, civilians know it by name—pushes everything forward, into the “stunning” category. (Though whoever is responsible for the faucets running full-throttle in bathroom photos, please stop.)

As before, the one-story, 2,796-square-foot home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. a greenhouse-style, open living area and back deck, and a tree-filled, fenced backyard. Charlotte Lipscomb of Compass holds the listing, which is at 1106 Claire Avenue.