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Barton Hills time capsule seeks ’70s fans for $699K

Who says pink was just for millennials?

Upon mentally erasing the window awning, one might, at first glance, think this is a midcentury-modern home, or at least a variant. And it does have the low, horizontal lines, flat roofs, overhangs, and prominent front windows that might indicate a late-modern, ranch-style sort of affair. Inside, however, it’s all 1970s.

That’s not a bad thing, and understandable, since the stone-and-wood house was built in 1974. And, really, it’s not so much “all-1970s” as a sort of mish-mash of fancy 1980s window treatments, a 1960s-style kitchen with what could be Formica counters, wild-card bathroom decor, and a pinkish stone fireplace that’s just kind of outside of time. Even if none of those float your boat, it has a great layout, nice lines, and the oft-sought loads of potential. The covered back deck and fenced yard look substantial, sweet, and also potential-filled.

The 1,723-square-foot home at 2305 Barton Hills Drive has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. It’s listed with Bill Dunham of Presidio Group.