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UT impounds hundreds of scooters

New campus rules in effect

Courtesy of Jump

More than 1,000 scooters parked on the UT campus have been relocated, and close to 700 have been impounded, KVUE-ABC reported Wednesday.

The university announced its new rules related to dockless vehicles earlier this year. Now in effect, the rules forbid parking of the electronic of scooters and bicycles campus in a manner that blocks any sidewalk, walkway, ramp, or thoroughfare. Illegally parked vehicles can be impounded and the relevant transportation company charged $150 per offense, which they can choose to pass on to the user.

Relocated scooters were those left near a designated parking area but improperly placed. There is no fine for relocation.

The KVUE story indicated that the school is beginning the enforcement of the new rules slowly enough to give vehicle users more time to become familiar with and follow its parking rules. Currently, dockless vehicles can be parked at bicycle racks and in 10 zones designated specifically for scooters.

UT Parking and Transportation Services has reported that the number of scooters needing relocation or subject to impoundment has already been decreasing.

More than 1,000 scooters left on UT campus have been relocated [KVUE]