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Midcentury modern by Austin legend asks $900K

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Renovated West Lake Hills beauty by A.D. Stenger

Midcentury house, one-story, white, symmetrical angled roof, windows
416 Ridgewood Drive [787 Realty]
Via 787 Realty

In the eyes of many enamored of regional home design, the residences designed and built by A.D. Stenger define midcentury modernism in Austin. An eccentric and prolific architect and developer who designed and built homes in the 1950s and ’60s, Stenger has been called a “Hill Country Eichler.” His original homes pop up on the local market now and then, in various conditions and usually at premium prices for their sizes and locations.

This one-story stone house in West Lake Hills is a handsome Stenger specimen that has been enhanced by a restrained 2016 renovation true the maverick mod’s spirit. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms in a modest 1,377 square feet, the home has vaulted ceilings and period-style windows as well as a sweet stone fireplace with a floor-to-ceiling chimney that joins the kitchen and living area visually and its just generally nifty.

The light-filled home opens in back to a sweet patio and fenced yard with low-maintenance landscaping.

416 Ridgewood Drive [787 Realty]