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Let it bleed: ‘Game of Thrones’ at SXSW

Hit HBO show promises an immersive bloodletting


HBO megahit Game of Thrones will bring an immersive experience to SXSW this year—one that’s bloody in a good way, for once. Apropos of the nature of the smash show—an amalgam of violence, soft-core porn, Ren Faire aesthetics, digital effects, and high production values—there will be a bloodletting March 7-9, when it partners with the American Red Cross on the Bleed for the Throne event at the festival.

Participants in the drive, which takes place at Fair Market, will also get access to an immersive experience inspired by the series’s characters and memorable moments. Promoters promise donors a walk in the steps of characters who “bled for the Throne” as well as recognition and awards those who “stand with the living in the great war to come“ and “earn an audience before the Iron Throne.” Also? T-shirts, while they last.

Press materials promise the immersive event will be the largest “blood donation promotional effort by an entertainment company in American Red Cross history.”

Fair Market

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