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SXSW scooter ban: Dockless vehicles won’t be allowed on select Downtown streets

Violators could be charged and fined

LimeBike scooters in Washington, D.C. Shutterstock

The city of Austin will ban use of electronic scooters and dockless bicycles in some of the busiest areas of Downtown during the SXSW 2019 Conference and Festivals, the Austin American-Statesman reported Wednesday.

The popular electric vehicles area already fairly concentrated Downtown, but their use will be restricted March 8-17. Specifically, it will be illegal to ride a scooter or bicycle in pedestrian zones on Sixth, Red RIver, and Rainey streets, with violators being subject to class C misdemeanor charges and fines of up to $500.

Skateboard and bicycle users will be allowed to carry those vehicles on foot through the pedestrian zones in those areas, but scooters will be completely banned from them—meaning carrying or dragging them through the areas will also be illegal.

The city will also create and mark designated parking areas for scooters and bicyles but will not require riders to leave their rented vehicles there.

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