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Postwar Cherrywood charmer asks $409K

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Original features with eclectic updates

3506 Banton Road
Via Keller Williams Realty

This charming and quirky single-family home in Cherrywood is part of a set of neighborhoods explored in last year’s Preservation Austin “Into the Woods” homes tour. The name referred to Cherrywood, Delwood II, and Wilshire Wood—some of the city’s less ostentatious areas that nevertheless have a rich history as communities for working people and veterans returning from WWII.

The homes that fit that description tended to be small, often concrete houses that incorporated some midcentury-modern and Art Moderne elements in their pragmatic designs and often featured some elements as rollout casement windows, low-angled roofs, or the occasional porthole window.

This home at 3506 Banton Road, listed by Keller Williams Realty, has all three of those things—elements its remodel brings out but incorporates with other styles, resulting in an appealing, eclectic mix.

Built in 1949, the 992-square-foot home has two bedrooms and one bathroom. In addition to its original oak floors, curved fireplace, and rollout windows, it has updates that include the addition of a walk-in shower in the bathroom and quartz counters and stainless appliances in the kitchen. The sprawling lot and backyard with covered patio and fire pit make it the ideal, parklike setting that evokes the aspirational, suburban homes of yore.