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Clarksville cottage with detached studio seeks $799K

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Updated 1926 Crafstman

Olive-green Craftsman house with porch built in 1926, trees and yard in front
1614 Confederate Avenue
Via Realty Austin

As is the case with many Austin homes of its vintage, the exterior updates on this one-story, wood-frame Clarksville Craftsman hew more obviously to the original style than do the ones on the interior. A closer look, however, reveals intact interior features such hardwood floors, arched doorways, and built-in, half-wall bookshelves with columns that echo the distinctive style of those on the porch.

Other updates are unobtrusive and keep the historic feel of the home intact, with the possible exception of the open kitchen/living space (which works despite its likely being a later configuration). Its address—1614 Confederate Avenue—is not unlikely to see a street-name change in the future, as well, although its location in a historic district could also make that a struggle (or a breeze, who knows?).

The 1,416-square-foot house has two bedrooms, a study, one and a half bathrooms, and a laundry room. On the other side of a small, private patio area behind the main house is a separate, two-story building that measures 648 square feet and holds many possibilities. The upper floor has already been decked out as a sunny studio with a vaulted ceiling, surrounded by treetops and already usable as an office or a very pleasant guest room. The home is listed exclusively with Realty Austin.